Top 10 Canvas Painting Ideas

canvas painting ideas

Canvas painting does not require you to be a great artist. As great painters are made not born.

Canvas panting all calls for some creativity and free mind to express your thoughts.

In this blog we will discuss some easy as well as brilliant canvas painting ideas that you can easily implement without much of a hassle.

Painting is also one form of relaxation to free your mind from stress and a relief from the otherwise monotonous hectic life.

You can paint put your imagination in any form while working on a canvas as canvas painting does not require expertise in this field.

Let’s get in detail some of the amazing ideas that you can actually implement if you are planning to try your hands on canvas painting:

  1. Double toned art Canvas Painting Ideas

Double toned art of canvas painting ideas require a good combination of only two colors.

The best option is to choose a solid color such as blue or yellow or red with metallic as the other color.

This is the easiest form of canvas painting especially for the beginners.

You just need to find a perfect contrasting combination for both solid and metallic color.

This two-toned form of art is simple yet stylish and modern.

  1. Painting colorful trees Canvas Painting Ideas

Painting trees is not only easy but at the same time a different form of canvas painting.

It is a great canvas painting idea for the beginners especially those who love playing with colors.

You do not need to be specific with drawing skills and can give brush strokes easily.

To be precise, you just need to have a set of nice acrylic colors and wide brush to create your own beautiful landscape.

  1. Abstract Canvas Painting Ideas

Abstract painting is one common form of canvas painting ideas but this time with a little twist.

Choose any of your favorite quote and stencil the letters on a paper friendly tape.

Paste the letters of the quote on the canvas in the way you would like them to look.

Now for the background, go for any combination of light colors and give neat strokes with a wide brush.

Once dried out, carefully remove the tape. You will end with a beautiful piece of canvas art with an inspiring message.

  1. Geometric canvas painting

This is another easy way out for canvas painting ideas. You just need to be clear with right combination of colors and good with vertical lines.

Take a wide canvas board, a pencil and a big size ruler.

Draw vertical lines across the canvas board with a gap approximately three centimeters.

Once done, fill the lines with complimentary paints in any patter you like.

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  1. Acrylic pouring

This is one form of abstract painting which seems easy but requires some tactics.

You need to simple pour acrylic colors on a canvas sheet and create a masterpiece out of it.

The trick here involved is limit yourself to a few colors initially and chose a perfect contrasting combination.

  1. Pinwheel painting

A form of canvas painting idea which will mostly love by kids. Gather all the bright colors you have along with a yardstick and a pencil.  

Make a pinwheel with pencil and yardstick on the canvas sheet.

Now paint the triangles with bright random colors.

You can ask the little ones in your house to do the same, just be sure that they are neat while filling the triangles.

  1. Watercolor techniques

Canvas painting with acrylic colors is way too common.

But acrylic colors are the ones which give the ultimate look to the entire painting.  

Mixing acrylic colors with water will make you remind of your old school days of water color paintings on your sketch files.

You need to trace a nice picture on the canvas sheet and paint dilute acrylic colors similar to the way the watercolors are used.  

This will change the look of the entire art piece with a unique touch.

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  1. Pixel painting idea

You can try this at home and if the final product is done up to your mark then it can be hanged in your living room. 

To complete this pixelated pattern, draw equal size of squares on the canvas base. 

Then paint each square with same color family but in slightly different tone.

Choosing same shade with different tones will make the painting look an art piece with a beautiful grid pattern.

  1. Splash painting

Splash art is a fun filled form of painting which looks quite lively and cute.

You can go extra by completing this splash painting with your favorite quote.

First adhere the cut out letters of the tape and then paint the base of the canvas sheet with a light color.

Now splatter all the vibrant colors all over the canvas sheet. Once dried, remove the tape and your masterpiece is ready!

  1. Yarn painting

This is a unique form of canvas painting which will look great once completed.

Paint the canvas sheet with any bright color base and then make a beautiful yarn art.

You can create multiple patterns of any color choices and hang them in your hall to give an art gallery feel.

These canvas painting ideas can help you save and enjoy many things.

Firstly, you now have something different and unique to do when you are free other than scrolling your phones.

Secondly, painting is a great stress buster and can help you relax your mind and body after a hard or bad day at work or school.

Last but not the least, once you have created such, masterpieces you can hang them anywhere in your home to beautify it without burning your pockets.