Here are 15 Canvas Painting Ideas (Best Of 2020) for you!

Having a big blank canvas and paints is not everything! Canvas Paintings takes a lot more from an artist, it takes patience, hard work and tons of creativity towards portraying the exceptional thoughts. However, when it comes to thinking about a unique idea for a canvas painting idea, even great artists have to struggle. Therefore, we from Indian Shelf are here to guide you with 15 canvas-painting ideas.

You can make both acrylic paintings on canvas and oil paintings on canvas, so let us get started!

1)   Abstract Quote Canvas:

Find a quote that attracts you and goes well with the environment of your home, the stencil the letters with pieces of tape on your canvas board. Choose a mix of paint colours and paint the canvas board with them. Once the painting gets dry, remove the tape and you will end up with a beautiful canvas that inspires you with the message.

2)   Pixel Painting:

Design a pixelated pattern on your canvas board using a grid of colours having the same hue. Then, draw equal-sized squares across the surface of your canvas and paint all of them with slightly different tones. This pixel painting is perfect for offices and other professional use. In addition, these canvas paintings are perfect to be hung in a living room, bedroom or office.

3)   Splash Art:

Cover your canvas board with one solid colour paint, and then splatter vibrant colours across the surface. Create this DIY project; this will be definitely a perfect painting hanging at your home. Ensure the paint that does not splatter on anything valuable in your home.

4)   Modern Art Canvas:

Do you want to create wall paintings that look professional as well as aesthetic for your home? Paint a contemporary design with bright colours like orange or red and make your wall pop out with amazing vibes.

5)   Large Canvas Art:

Cover a large canvas with a neutral background colour and choose a simple, abstract, and creative design, without worrying about minor details and perfect symmetry. If you are thinking to create a canvas painting from very long but not getting any idea, then you should try making large canvas painting.

6)   Ombre Art:

You may not about ombre canvas painting, but it is a must try for an artist! You can create an ombre effect by gradually intensify the colour on your canvas. Calm colours like green and blue go best with ombre canvas painting, they provide a relaxing ambience

7)   Stripped Canvas Art:

Are you thinking about stripped canvas painting? Find the answer with us! Draw lines and fill them with paint colours. Doing this decorates your walls in simple and modern style with striped canvases. After this, find colours that match with your other decor, whether that is green, blue or purple.

8)   Fluid Canvas Painting:

Boost the mood of your bedroom or guest room with stunning abstract fluid canvas painting art! Try fluid canvas painting and create a piece that your guests will never forget. When is the next time, you are going to try fluid canvas painting?

9)   All-White Canvas Art:

Not always an abundance of colours makes the paintings great! Sometimes, it is the thought that makes the painting unique. All-white canvas art does not require an overabundance of colours, fill your canvas board with white colour and complete with an inspiring quote and image and it will turn out as a classic canvas painting.

10) Beach Inspired Canvas Painting Art:

Fill your canvas board with blue tones and other sea colours to resemble flowing water. Then, write a phrase and paint with white colour paint on a phrase to keep it simply nautical.

11)   Splash Canvas Painting:

Splash your canvas board with all the brightest colours you love, it can be an orange, pink, or yellow colour. Throw on as much paint as you want, this canvas painting looks the best when it is hung in the living room, bedroom, or basement.

12) Simple Quote Canvas Painting:

When you are completely out of ideas, go for simple quote canvas painting. Incorporate several fonts for a lovely quote canvas and colour schemes like grey and white for cohesion. Try this idea of painting for sure; you will get the best results!

13)Yarn Canvas Painting:

Yarn canvas painting is another and wonderful canvas painting idea. Get yarn or thick thread from the market and paste it on your canvas board in a random way. Follow it by painting with multiple colours like yellow, blue, and green. Hang this painting in your living room and trust us, your guests are going to love it.

14)Ombre Quote Canvas Painting:

Follow the same steps as mentioned above for the ombre canvas painting and add a phrase on your board. Add quote, phrase, or anything to make it personalize the piece.

15) Spray Canvas Painting

Art should be enjoyable to create! Right? Fill the blank space on your canvas with spray paint and add traditional colours with metallic for a shiny finish. You will definitely get an exceptional canvas art.