Paintings on Bed sheets

Bed sheets become a very important part of our bedroom. Whenever we think about the renovation or decoration of our bedroom, we used to change the bed sheet first of our bed. We not only use bed sheets to decorate our bedroom but it also an essential part of hygiene. Sleeping on a clean and well-managed bed is good for your health. It refreshes your body and mind as well. Many people prefer to use dark colour Bombay Dyeing bed sheets in their bedroom with some abstract pattern whereas some prefer to use simple and single colour linen for their bed. But have you ever wondered that when and how these bed sheets were invented? How these bed sheets become a major part of our bedroom decoration? In this article, I will explain to you the history or origin of bed sheets along with the type of different paintings on bed sheets.

Origin of Bedsheets

History or origin of bed sheets is quite interesting because in the initial days it was just a piece of cloth or fabric in a rectangular to cover the mattress of our bed but later it was more processed into a perfect bed sheet. In the early days, bed sheets were only used in the hotels but later European started using bed linen in their homes as well. Bed sheets are known as bed linen because linen was the first fabric which is used to cover the mattress in homes and hotels.  Linen was cultivated by Egyptians and was made from the flax plant. But European the first people who introduced the linen first to the world. However, linen has a drawback that it takes a lot of time in cultivation that’s why American women had a lot of work in 17th to 19th century.

Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheets

To overcome this issue, cotton was processed by the United States in the year 1830. American took the cotton from the cotton flower by the Cotton gin machine to reduce the manual load. And then they woven the cotton to make cotton fabric and then use dye to make some floral pattern on the bed sheets. And finally, in the 19th century, cotton bed sheets are introduced to the world by the United States.

List of Different type of paintings on Bed sheets

•    Rajasthani Paintings printed Bedsheets

Rajasthan is known for its cultural and traditional design. In India, Rajasthani print bed sheets are very famous and they come in different colours. Peacock is the most important object in Rajasthani bed sheets and in Bombay Dyeing bed sheets you can see a group of a peacock sitting together, women are playing in the ground, women are sitting under the tree or men and women are dancing together. These are the most famous and authentic objects in the Rajasthani Bombay Dyeing bed sheets. Bed sheets come in different sizes such as single bed sheet, double sheets, queen size bed sheets, king size bed sheets etc.

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•    Abstract pattern print bed sheets

Nowadays many people use abstract pattern bed sheets to decorate their bedrooms. These abstract pattern Bombay Dyeing bed sheets have a unique combination of different colours with some amazing pattern. You can get zig-zag pattern, wavy pattern, a circular pattern or other astonishing patterns of these bed sheets. These abstract pattern bed sheets are perfect for light color bedrooms with minimum wall designing.

•    Cartoon character Bombay Dyeing bed sheets

For a kids room, cartoon character Bombay Dyeing bed sheets are perfect. Kids love to watch cartoons and they also love to have their favourite cartoon character or favourite superhero on their bed. That’s why Bombay Dyeing bed sheets have a different cartoon character on it such as Dora, Doremon, Avengers, Superman, Batman, pooh, Mickey Mouse and more. With cartoon character Bombay Dyeing bed sheets you have to option to purchase the bed of your kids’ favourite cartoon character and your kids will enjoy in this as well. So, choose a perfect cartoon character Bombay Dyeing bed sheets for your kid bedroom.

•    Floral Print bed sheets

Floral print bed sheets are the first choice of everyone for their bedrooms. When people go to purchase bed sheets then 8 out of 10 people choose floral print bed sheets. Hence we can say that floral print bed sheets have higher demand in the market. Floral print bed sheets give a natural look to your bedroom because of its natural flower and leaf pattern. You can get multiple flower design bed sheets such as rose, lotus, lily, sunflower and more. Floral print bed sheets spread freshness in the bedroom and keep you energetic. Floral bed linen looks very good and suits with plain single color wall without any wall texture because its flower print drags all the attention of the guest.

•    Embroidered bed sheets

Embroidered bed sheets are the latest variant which comes is embroidered pattern. In these bed sheets, you can find that it is a single colour and plain bed sheet with floral embroidery on it. The pillow cover of these embroidered bed sheets also has a similar pattern. It has floral embroidery border on the sides of the bed sheets with central embroidery on the middle. It is a perfect choice for those who want to give a vintage and traditional look to their room because these embroidered bed sheets have authentic embroidery. So, if you want to give an authentic and traditional look to your bedroom then these embroidered bed sheets are perfect for you.


In this article, I have mentioned few variants of bed sheets such as Rajasthani print bed sheets, Abstract pattern print bed sheets, Cartoon character Bombay Dyeing bed sheets, Floral print bed sheets, and embroidered bed sheets etc. There are more other variants of bed sheets which are available in the market and you can choose as per your requirement. The origin and history of bed sheets are quite interesting and we know that if we want to make our bedroom impressive then bed sheets are a perfect choice.

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