History of Pichwai Paintings

If you go long years back, you will realise that there was no tool to record the golden history except for paintings. And that was the time when Pichwai Paintings got into existence.

Pichwai is a Sanskrit word, where pich stands for ‘back’ and wai for ‘hanging’.

They are the devotional pictures used to portray the tales of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna’s childhood is a motivation for thousands of people on this Earth.

There are various art forms which are used and have been used in the past to divulge the Lord Krishna stories at the time to time.

But, the Pichwai Paintings are one of the major art form and most popular in Rajasthan which has been used widely for over 400 years by the artists.

It is one of the best ways for the devotees to experience ‘the colours of Krishna’ by just one glimpse of beautiful Pichwai Paintings.

History of Pichwai Paintings:

A 400-year-old pichwai painting originated in the holy town of Nathdwara near Udaipur, Rajasthan. The motive behind these pictures was to narrate the tale of Krishna’s life.

In the late 16th century, the artists started creating pictorial illustrations on cloth and hanging on the wall to decorate the temples of Shrinathji, and this resulted in the birth of pichwai paintings.

In those days, decorating the temples with handmade pichwai paintings became an eternal ritual.

Interesting facts about Pichwai Paintings:

  • The dominant figure that usually you will find in Pichwai Paintings is of Lord Shrinathji. He is considered as an evidence of 7-year-old child form of Lord Krishna. Everyone is known to the story of when Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan parvat on his little finger to safeguard the people of Vrindavan from the devastating thunderstorm attack of Lord Krishna. If you are a pichwai painting fan then you will definitely encounter that this tale is the most common tale portrayed in the pichwai paintings.
  • Different seasons and events in Lord Krishna’s life are depicted in Pichwais. The radiant pink colour was used to show summer, whereas illustration of peacocks was used at the temple to divulge the rainy season.
  • The creation of pichwai paintings takes long months and immense skills and experience. Now, there is no way to learn the art of creating pichwai paintings. These paintings are also an example of ‘Guru-shishya’ tradition; the intricacies of the art have been passed down through the generations. This is a sacred art form dedicated to the god.
  • Unlike other art forms, it is impossible to touch-up the artwork because of their fine detailing. Natural colours made by using coal, gold, silver, indigo, zinc, are saffron are only used in these paintings. Over time and with the impact of commercialization, artists started using a combination of natural and acrylic colours to give the atheistic touch to the paintings.

Pichwai Paintings and Home Décor:

It is a proven fact that art is the born of the observation and investigation of nature. So as pichwai paintings are. With time, these paintings have successfully made a strong position among the urban section of society. People have started installing it in their living rooms, bedrooms, and other parts of their happy land.

They are used only because they are a source of beauty, they also prevail in spirituality and positive vibes in your home.

The evolution of pichwai paintings has been a little slow in the eyes of painting lovers. But, with the change in the mind-sets and thoughts, people have accepted these paintings from open hands.

There are two popular forms of pichwai paintings, one is Kota Bundi and another is Nathdwara.

A good pichwai painting takes almost three to nine months to get ready and the selling price starts around Rs. 50,000.

To fit in the urban lifestyles, contemporary artists have now added their touch to enhance the beauty of pichwai painting.

Enhance the beauty of your home with a wall hung with Pichwai Painting. You can also find a wide variety of pichwai paintings online.

If you want your guests to turn their eyes on the wall decors of your home, then pick up your laptop and browse the internet to pick one from the extensive variety of pichwai painting present on the web.



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